In June we accepted the below bulk, we'll update the list soon for JULY.

How it Works


Once counted, pack your bulk into stacks of 100s, preferably wrapped in clingfilm, and box them up. Don't seal the box just yet as you'll need to add information inside it before you send it off. PRO TIP: We recommend clingfilm because its light. The less the box weighs the less you'll spend on postage. You cover the postage to send the bulk to us, and we cover the cost on sending your stock out in return.


For bulk trade, you can choose any ENGLISH items we have in stock on the site. Simply pick what you want then drop us a message via email, or on our socials (which you can find below) so we can confirm it's in stock and put it on hold for you. PRO TIP: If you join our facebook group 'Pallet Town - Pokemon Stuff' you'll be the first to know what's going on with bulk trade and all things Club Amity.


With the trade agreed, write your name, postal address, bulk count, and items we have agreed for trade on a piece of paper and put it in the the box you're sending. We give you up to 48 hours once you agree the trade to get us a tracking number so we can confirm the trade for you. Send this to our office, the full address is at the bottom of our page. Once received and checked, we'll send your trade out, usually within 24 hours of receiving your bulk.


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